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Finding great ways to use Bowral lighting to decorate your home indoor and outdoors can add a touch of elegance, glamor, and even function to your living space. If you are hoping to add beauty and savings through your home décor, Bowral lighting store can help. Lighting can make a massive difference to your home’s space and there are several ways to add personal touches to your home décor simply, and cost effectively.

Three Top Tips for Lighting:


Bowral Lighting Tip 1: Use of Up-lighting

If you are looking to aim your lighting focus on one central area, the quickest and most cost effective way to get it done is through up-lights. These lights are generally placed along the floors baseboards or electrical switches, and they focus light in an upward direction to center around your target area. It can light up a painting, or an aquarium, even give light along a table for a more romantic or soft touch to the room.

Upward lighting can bring a bit of glamor to your home, or be used with florescent, or different types of bulb lighting to customize the room. Many times the Up lighting can be installed easily and often with a mere plug in. But if there are more detailed requirements a good electrician can help you, many electricians are available within Bowral at an affordable rate. Alternatively you can ask us, the lighting specialists and we can give you references of some trustworthy electricians.

Bowral Lighting Tip 3: Chandeliers & Ceiling Fans

Utilizing Chandeliers and ceiling fans can bring great lighting to your home décor. There are very wide arrays of  chandeliers and ceiling fans that have detailed, and variations of lighting. The use of ceiling fans can bring savings to your home by circulating the air both warm and cold throughout your home. Chandeliers add a bit of elegance, and design to a plain atmosphere. They are easy to install and make a big statement in the décor of your home.


Tip 3: A Change of Shade

Using lampshades to add to the décor of your home is not only easy but it can give your home style and add detail to your overall décor. When using lampshades to improve your homes décor you may consider the use of beads or braids to enhance to tone of the room. Adding additional braids, and beads to other areas of the room will give balance to its design.


The changing shades can add different light tones, and temperaments to your design as well. Changing the shades of your Bowral lighting is convenient and provides a personal touch as well. If you are looking for subtle differences, or loud sporadic differences consider using the shading to make your statement it will save your time and money.


For those of you who want a well lit home with added personal touches, taking time to review your lighting plan with our Bowral Lighting Centre adivsors can make a big difference in your personal indoor and outdoor spaces. Making small changes can help save your hundreds of dollars each year by choosing lighting that will not only fit your needs but is energey efficient too. If you are looking for the right type of lighting be sure to explore new ideas and design tips from Bowral Lighting Centre to add character. A little lighting could make all the difference!

Find out more about our new Bowral lighting store, or visit The Lighting Centre and we  can help find the perfect lights for your home, office or business.