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Campbelltown enjoys mostly dry sunny weather that meant homes and other establishments are subjected to stifling, toasty heat especially during the summer. Installing ceiling fans can help! Being a suburb just 51 miles south west of Australia’s most congested city, it enjoys the perks of having the best range of ceiling fans in the country.

Reputable brands make up most of The Lighting Centre’s range of ceiling fans. One such brand is Martec ceiling fans which boasts of its lamination reduction technology in its motors that produces quiet but powerful rotations. Another company, Clipsal, has its own brand known as Airflow ceiling fans which boasts of its large selection of fan control and options to have three, four or five blades without causing a dent on the energy bill. Hunter Pacific fans edges out the competition because it claims to have the highest cubic feet per minute value of air being circulated by its blades while retaining its classic 20th century design and a limited lifetime warranty on its motors.


What To Look for in Ceiling Fans:

Tempting as all these brands may be, choosing the most suitable ceiling fans for your needs is a major purchase in terms of home improvement. Although inexpensive, ceiling fans are a great addition to any room and can make a remarkable difference in terms of regulating air temperature. There are certain criteria one should look out for:

  • Fan size and proportion. Make sure that the ceiling fan is at the right proportion to the room it is supposed to ventilate. There is a direct relationship between the sizes of the fan blades to the area of the room. Fans that have blades 36 inches across work well in rooms that is seven square meters or less. For those rooms that are 13 square meters or less can be ventilated by fan blades that are 42 inches across while a bigger room at 21 square meters or less can be effectively aerated by fans that have blades 44 inches across. Bigger rooms that are at least 37 square meter or less can be managed by fan blades that are 54 inches across. If the room is bigger than that, it’s best to buy more than one ceiling fan and provide ample spaces in between.
  • Distance between ceilings to floor. Another factor you would have to take into consideration is the height of the ceiling where the fan will be installed. Higher ceilings will require extension rods to keep the air circulated from below. Standard ceilings should have fans that allow enough head room for everybody.
  • Salient features. An important characteristic to look out for is the blade’s reversible operation. This will allow you to choose when should warm air be pushed down or pulled up, depending on the blade rotation. Another key feature to loom out for is whether it comes with lights or a separate remote, aside from the wall mounts. Both features are incorporated in the fan for convenience.
  • Design and aesthetics. This sets the ceiling fan apart from the bulky and bland air conditioner. It can complement the ambiance of the room or become its accent. Since these are set visibly above the ceiling, it should not just look good; it should also be quiet enough so as not to produce excessively disruptive noise.
Once you have bought the best ceiling fans that suits your needs, you can reap the benefits of having freshly circulated air in your place. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, ceiling fans are meant to keep the temperature comfortable. It pushes warm air down during the winter and provides cooling breezes during the toasty Australian summers.  Visit The Lighting Centre for more information. Before you come in to the Lighting Centre, have your floor plan dimensions at hand  and measure the height from the floor to your ceiling. That should allow the staff to give you the best possible advice when it comes to choosing ceiling fans for your home.

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