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5 Surefire Tips for Hassle Free Ceiling Fan Maintenance

Ceiling Fans Gregory HillsEven the best ceiling fans Gregory Hills has to offer need maintenance every now and again. Just like any other appliance or fixture in your home, the ceiling fan will last longer if it is properly cared for. The following 5 tips will help you get more use out of your ceiling fans.

Surefire Ceiling Fan Tip 1: Keep Those Screws Nice and Tight!

If your ceiling fan winds up with a loose screw, it could drive you crazy. Screws that do not rest snugly in place can produce annoying noises. This is one of the first things you can try to do if your silent ceiling fan starts making distracting noises. A screw that falls out can be even worse because it could cause a blade or other component to fall with it. For the sake of safety and sanity, remember to periodically check all the screws in your ceiling fan.

Surefire Ceiling Fan Tip 2: Brush, Vacuum or Wipe Dust Away Regularly

Dust is unpleasant and it can lower the air quality in your home. Fan blades are a notorious spot for dust to accumulate, especially if you don’t use the fan often during cooler seasons. Remember to regularly dust off the unit. This can be done with a soft cloth, vacuum cleaner or a specialised ceiling fan brush.

Surefire Ceiling Fan Tip 3: Watch for Blade Damage and Fix When Necessary

You wouldn’t think anything can touch your ceiling fan up there, but sometimes things happen. A child may throw a ball and hit a blade or something could cause the centre of the unit to rock, knocking the blade into the ceiling. Either way, remember to inspect the unit for damage and replace any broken or bent parts immediately. Not doing so promptly could shorten the life of your ceiling fan and become a danger to those in the room.

Surefire Ceiling Fan Tip 4: Deep Clean Ceiling Fans with Compressed Air

Even the best ceiling fans Gregory Hills has to offer can’t keep dust completely out. When you wipe down your fan, also consider cleaning any openings and crevasse with compressed air. You can also use an electric duster if you have one with a cord that will reach the ceiling.

Surefire Ceiling Fan Tip 5: Balance a Ceiling Fan that Wobbles

If your ceiling fan starts wobbling or shaking, you may need to balance it. This can be done with a balancing kit. Also check the blades to make sure they are not damaged. A bent or misshapen blade can cause the unit to shake.  If you don’t see any obvious damage, remove all the blades and stack them on top of one another to see if one doesn’t sit properly because of a subtle imperfection.

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