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The right ceiling fan can make your living space far more comfortable. The key to getting the most for your money is to find a ceiling fan that is well-made, visually appealing and will work for a long time. The following cheater’s guide will prepare you with the information you need to find the best ceiling fans Oran Park has to offer!

Find the Right Ceiling Fan Size 

Before you look at gorgeous designs and extra features, you need to know what size ceiling fan will work in your

living space. This is determined by the size of the room. A smaller area that measures 20 m² or less w

ill need a fan with 122 cm blades. If the area is larger, up to approximately 36m², then you should look for ceiling fan models with 132 cm blades or bigger.

Noise Requirements

The last thing you want to do is place a noisy fixture to install in a room where someone may be sleeping. If you are installing a ceiling fan in a bedroom or anywhere you prefer to have peace and quiet, then go with a timber blade model.  If noise isn’t a concern, like it may not be in the kitchen or living room, then a metal blade model may be suitable. The metal version is generally capable of moving more air because of the material and blade shape. This can produce more noise, which can be a distraction in quiet areas.

Ceiling Fan Blade Layout

Many of the best ceiling fans Oran Park has to offer come with different blade arrangements. Some are equipped with just 3 blades while others may have four or five.  This may look like a functionality-related concern, but it really isn’t.  Choose the blade layout based on personal preference and visual appeal.

Ceiling Fan Lighting Needs

Will your ceiling fan be replacing a light fixture?  If so, you will need to find a model

that is equipped with lighting.The style and size will vary, so remember to account for the amount of light you need the ceiling fan to produce. Models that feature integrated lighting may also require the use of an extension rod if the fan sits over 3 m high. There should always be a minimum of 2.1 m between the blade surface and the floor. Using this information, you can easily find the best ceiling fans Oran Park lighting specialists can provide for your home!

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