Ceiling Fans Southern Highlands

Are Ceiling Fans in Southern Highlands Worth It?

ceiling fans in Southern HighlandsBeing in a high altitude area like the Southern highlands in New South Wales may have its advantages of having cool temperate climate all year round. It is essentially, Australia’s wine region. One may think that in the summer season where sweltering heat may stifle the whole of Sydney, using ceiling fans may not be a smart thing to do. After all, the place being surrounded by the Australian Alps in the South and the Blue Mountains in the north is abundant with cooling breezes.

Contrary to what most people in the low lying areas believe, it serves many purposes aside from the additional cooling it provides. In the Australia, ceiling fans are used more for ability to circulate air in the vicinity. In the winter where heaters can go in overdrive, these ceiling fans can help distribute warm air more efficiently as an air conditioning unit. The key here is the versatility of its blades. When positioned upwards, the warm air that rises up from the heaters get shifted about and pushed down. The heat is effectively directed to the people who needed it most instead of dissipating in the room. There are switches in the remote or in the control panel installed in the walls that adjusts the blade rotation. Slower speeds allow the heat to spread gradually in the area while faster rotations push warm air quickly and disperse to other rooms, especially when left open. Be energy efficient by opening doors of rooms that needed to be kept warm while keeping other rooms shut tight when not in use.

Long Term Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

southern highlands ceiling fans in NSWCeiling fans are not big ticket items but they are worth every penny, especially when used for a long time. In the age of global warming, it may be used to cool down a particularly stifling heat occasionally. In these locales, ceiling fans are used to maintain temperatures at a comfortable level and fresh air circulated in the vicinity. When in use, windows are often kept closed to keep the heat in. For a cooling effect, windows are left open to let cool mountain air to permeate before being distributed by the ceiling fans.

Most fans are made of metal, usually of sturdy but lightweight aluminium. Other chic models are made of translucent glass, but not since not everybody buys this kind of design, it is usually ordered in advance. Basic models come with strong motors less the bells and whistles. They usually have curved ends or blades with sharp bends. Vintage ceiling fans are also available.

Make sure you purchase the one that has the right size of motors to blade proportion that it can efficiently improve air circulation in your place without much noise.  Keep in mind the size of the room and what do you intend to use it for. Inquire about installation, especially if you are not the dexterous type. Make sure there is a service warranty that covers your purchase. Otherwise, maintaining ceiling fans are quite manageable, as ceiling fans need regular dusting and some oiling every now and then. Heavy duty motors can work long hours, but may need to be turned off when no one is in the room to conserve energy and lessen the undue strain of air on the blades.

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