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Gregory Hills Lighting’s 3 Step Guide to Creating a Lighting Plan for Your Home

Gregory Hills Lighting can help you find the perfect fixtures for your home, provided you have a well thought out plan ready. A good lighting plan is the best way to optimise illumination in any room. This process requires some time, but should be relatively easy if you follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Determine the General Use of Each Room

It’s impossible to know how much light you really need if you aren’t sure what the area will be used for. Some activities require more lighting while others need less. For example, if you want a functional work space like a desk, then you need brighter lights. If you want something relaxing and ambient, then a more subdued light source is better. Determine what each room will be used for and also consider those who will occupy the space. Someone over the age of 60 will need double the illumination to read than someone who is 10.

Step 2: Create a Map for Each Room

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Next you will need to create a map for each room. It should be well-organised and detailed so all the information you need is

available and you don’t have to go on memory alone. This will be a huge help when you visit Gregory Hills Lighting to start searching for fixtures.

Graph paper works best for this, but you can use whatever you have on hand if necessary. Create the room’s layout using an overhead view. Start by adding immovable components, such as fireplaces, doors, windows and alcoves. If the area already has some lighting installed, mark that down as well along with locations of light switches and where new switches should be installed. You can pencil in the location of large pieces of furniture as the last step.

Step 3: Finalise Your Plan and Start Browsing for Lights!

Give your lighting plan another look to make sure you covered everything. Also remember to keep in mind that you will occasionally have to change light bulbs, so make sure fixtures are placed in accessible locations. Also take note of how you want the lights arranged on the circuit. Would you rather flick a single switch and have all the lights in the room go on or would you prefer to have some separated out over multiple switches? Do you plan on adding any dimmers and if so, where would you like them?

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