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Ingleburn Lighting’s 5 Energy Saving Tips for Illuminating Your Home

Ingleburn Lighting is committed to helping home and business owners live greener. Everyone should try to conserve energy. Even if you don’t buy into global warming and the dangers of manmade pollution, there is also an undeniable financial benefit to consuming less energy. The following tips will help you discover ways to save more energy, and money, each day!

Energy Saving Tip 1: Shutting Off the Lights Just Makes Sense

Maybe this goes without saying but, if you turn off the lights then you won’t be using as much electricity! It’s easy to walk out of a room and forget to flick the switch. Make a habit of keeping the lights off in rooms you aren’t using. Some companies try to cut down by using every other light or turning off lights to areas that aren’t occupied after business hours. The longer they are off, the more you save!


Energy Saving Tip 2: Choose a Low Energy Night Light

Not everyone likes to have their home completely dark at night, even if they are in bed. If you like to have a little illumination just in case, consider picking up a low energy night light. You don’t have to keep an entire room lit up but you won’t be in complete darkness either.

Energy Saving Tip 3: Switch to Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Modern homes and businesses should also be aware of the type of bulbs they put in their light fixtures. Ingleburn lighting can recommend the best type and size for your needs. Halogen bulbs are generally 25% more energy efficient while CFL bulbs can last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and they consume about a fourth of the energy. LED bulbs are another modern alternative that reduces consumption by about 20% to 25% with a lifespan that is as much as 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

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Energy Saving Tip 4: Position Light Fixtures for Maximum Coverage

You may have more lights on than you really need. If a room is over saturated with lighting, remove some fixture or bulbs. Remember to take this into consideration each time you install new fixtures. Positioning will make a big difference in where light is thrown in a room.

Energy Saving Tip 5: Open the Curtains during the Day

It may become a habit to reach for the light switch when you enter a room, but remember there’s a powerful source of natural light just outside. If your room has windows, open the curtains or blinds during the day. That way you are only utilising electricity for lighting after dark.

If you have any questions about the type of lighting you need and where to install it, Ingleburn Lighting can help you find a solution that can reduce your utility bills.

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