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Your LED Lighting Jungle Guide: Must-Know Info That Will Save You Money!

Whether you’re looking for the best LED downlights Gregory Hills has to offer or a basic replacement fixture, there are a few things you should know.  Going into any purchase informed will yield much better results. The following information will help you choose a quality LED product that meets your needs.

LED Lighting Safety

LED lighting tends to be safer overall. One of the reasons for this has to do with temperature. LEDs do not heat up the same way incandescent bulbs do. At least that is true if you choose a quality model. Poorly made LEDs are not as effective and won’t offer the same benefits as their better made counterparts.

When you find an appealing LED light, make sure you consult the safety rating information. A good LED lamp or fixture should have an IEC 62560 safety standard rating on the packaging. This is the official “stamp of approval” that indicates the item meets Australia’s basic safety standards.

Choosing a Colour Rendering Index

Colour rendering index, or CRI, indicates how well the light will help the human eye view colour. If you are buying an LED light for indoor use, then go with something rated with a minimum of 80 CRI.  If you are illuminating an outdoor space, then 65 CRI or better will work well.

If this is your first time buying an LED bulb (or an LED with a specific CRI), it is recommended that you purchase just one and try it out before buying more. This will allow you to determine if the model offers the level of lighting you need before investing money in multiple units.

A Bulb of a Different Colour

There are many different LED colours available. For example, if you go to your local retail store to find the most stunning LED downlights Gregory Hills has to offer, you will be presented with a rainbow of options. LEDs can produce vibrant blues, greens, reds and gold as well as traditional white and warm tones. For basic home use, you will most likely want a warm or cool white.

While in your lighting store, make sure you ask to see the LEDs in action. Most will have outlets and displays available so you can see exactly how the light will look once you have it plugged in at home or in the office.

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