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Oran Park Lighting’s Guide to LEDs for your Home                 

Oran Park Lighting offers a huge selection of beautiful LED illumination products for your home or office. Buying new lights can be an exciting endeavour, until you see the number of options that are available. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed as you begin searching for the right LEDs for your home or business. The following guide offers valuable information that will help steer you in the right direction for lighting perfection!

What are LEDs?

LED, which stands for “light emitting diode”, is an electrical component that emits bright light. The bulb is small and contains two terminals. These conduct electricity in one direction. This technology is frequently utilised in a number of products, including computers, radios and televisions as well as light fixtures.

What Makes LEDs So Great?

If you have ever seen an LED product, then you know this type of bulb can produce a lot of intense illumination. LEDs generate aglorious light that uses 75% less energy than most regular incandescent bulbs. They also last an average of 25 times longer, so you are using less energy and producing less waste over time. LEDs are also environmentally friendly because they require no mercury and result in less power plant generated pollution.

A Closer Look at LED Cost vs. Value

Some home and business owners are put off by the price when they start searching for LEDs. Oran Park Lighting offers many high quality products that will offer significant savings in the long run. No matter where you go, LEDs will cost more than traditional bulbs. This can get expensive, especially when buying LEDs for multiple fixtures. The expense will go down as technology and manufacturing processes improve and become more cost effective. Before dismissing them due to price, remember to consider the longevity and light quality produced by an LED. You may find it’s worth it to not have to change the bulb as frequently.

Not Sure Where to Begin with LEDs?

If you’re not sure whether LEDs are a good choice for your home or office, ask a professional. The Lighting Centre can provide you with sound solutions for your Oran Park Lighting needs and budget. We can also recommend energy efficient alternatives as well as suggestions for placement and usage. Create ideal light levels in your home, live greener and keep utility costs low by upgrading your indoor lighting today!

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