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Southern Highlands Lighting Inspirations

Southern highlands lightingIf you are looking for a lighting store in Southern Highlands, then there are many options to choose from that makes a statement. Choosing what lighting goes into your home adds personality to your rooms, and comfort to the design of your home. There are several types of Southern Highlands lighting that can be added in different ways including both indoor and outdoor styles.

If you want an elegant new look using lighting in Southern Highlands, we can give you a few suggestions but the rest is up to you. Below are three ways you can inexpensively and creatively convert your house into your home through lighting.


Adding Outdoor Lighting
There are several choices when it comes to outdoor lighting but you probably want the right choice for your home and budget. That is why the use of florescent lighting in your outdoor setting is a great option for your Southern highlands lighting needs.

Florescent lights are extremely energy efficient. CFL or Compact Florescent lights often save you over 50% on your energy bill and are easy to install. The CFL’s can fit into your standard light sockets so there is no need to change the fixture itself. This is why it is a hassle free option. In addition to that the CFL’s also improve the look of your outdoor seating area and can change the lighting color to match your outdoor décor.


Use of Indoor Chandeliers

The thought of chandeliers for most people is “expensive” and “rich” but the truth is several people have the ability to obtain beautiful chandeliers at an affordable cost. The average cost of a basic chandelier is between $100 -$200 dollars. This seems a bit on the expensive side but it is cheaper than having someone put in a new fixture, or even patching a wall.

Chandeliers allow you to add elegance and personal statements to your home. They can save 10% on your energy cost if you use 25% dimming lights. The use of “Chandelettes” or mini-chandeliers throughout a room can make a bigger statement and transform your rooms appeal quickly.


Use of Portable Lighting

Often people over look the simple things when trying to add creativity to their homes. Changing the table lamps, floor lamps, or even reading lamps can give a personal touch or make a statement in many ways. If you are looking to add some design you might consider choosing a change in lampshade to add a consistent pattern to your décor. If you want to add a touch of color to your white room without being too bold you might want to simply change the lampshades matching them with your curtain design giving the color throughout the room. Also a change in color of the light-bulb adds more color to a plain room subtly and elegantly.


Southern Highlands Lighting

If you want to make a statement, transform your Southern highlands lighting to have its own personal appeal without emptying your pockets there are several choices. Simple changes throughout your home both indoors and outdoors can give your a look like Southern highlands lighting tourism and will impress as well as make you feel at home all at the same time.

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