Winter is coming! To help you prepare, our team are sharing their top four tips for getting your home lighting ready for the cooler months:

  1.  Consider switching to warm white globes. Just like you would with your summer wardrobe, pop your daylight globes into storage and introduce warm white globes which provide a more cosy, inviting colour scheme in winter. Or if you have a tri-colour device, simply switch it over!
  2.  Install a ceiling fan. It sounds counter-intuitive, but ceiling fans with reverse switches are a great way to warm up your room (and save on costly air con bills).
  3.  Warm up outside. Entertaining outdoors is the great Australian dream, and there's no reason it should stop in winter. Strip heaters create a beautiful warm atmosphere and are perfect under patios.
  4.  Invest in a 3-in-1 bathroom unit. Getting out of the shower in the morning is made much easier when you have heat globes to warm you up. Plus, the exhaust can help prevent unwanted humidity buildup.

For more ways to create your perfect winter sanctuary call our team on 1300 612 676 or email info@lightingsalesonline