LED Colours

What Colour should I use?

Whether your replacing existing LED lights or installing new ones, a question we are quite often asked is; What colour LED should I choose? Warm White, Cool white or Daylight?

As lighting is a key element in creating your perfect home or productive work space choosing the correct colour light may seem a little overwhelming at first.

Fear not, it is easier then you may think! We have helped you out and put together some information below which will assist you in choosing the correct colour lighting for your ideal space.

Warm White

As its name states, warm white lighting, emits a cosy warm glow. It is often referred to as a more traditional colour choice due to its yellow tones. This colour choice is best used in homes where the decor is of a warm pallet, i.e. Beige, Cream, Coral, Rust. By using this colour choice in homes with warmer pallets it helps enhance the homes fittings and décor.

Cool White

Cool white lighting contains more blue, therefor making it brighter to the eye. This colour choice is best used in homes with a cooler pallet such as greys, bones and blue tones. Like the warm white, use of a cool light in a home with a cooler décor pallet will enhance fittings within your home.


Daylight lighting emits an extremely white & crisp light. Due to this it is often used in workplace spaces and ultra-modern homes where the décor is a generally white throughout. Now that you have this information on hand, we have no doubt that you will pick the perfect lighting colour for your home or workspace.

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