Tips you should know when installing Downlights

Tips you should know when installing Downlights

Are you building?

Are you renovating?

Installing Downlights?

Whether you’re building your dream home or renovating your existing home, you’re more then likely looking at installing downlights. The cost for these can quickly add up depending on the amount you are installing. So here are a few tips for you when looking at your lighting options.

Purchasing Downlights

Quality downlights can be purchased for as little as little $11.95 by yourself and supplied to your builder/ electrician ready for installation. Be sure to check your contracts and make sure you are not paying too much, you can have them installed by an electrician potentially saving you thousands.

Warranty of Downlights

Downlights should always come with a warranty just like any other appliance in your house and they should generally have a minimum of 3-years warranty. If a builder or electrician installed these for you make sure you ask them for the warranty. If they should fail in a couple of months you can claim your warranty from whoever installed them.

Last but not least, if you are unsure always seek advice from a professional. Here at the Lighting Centre our staff are ready to give you the correct advice and make your building/ renovating a little brighter.

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